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Robin Friedmann, Vis Viridis CoFounder Dear Visitor,

I would like to thank you for visiting our site and take the occasion to explain to you what motivated me to start this company together with my partner Josef Kalleder, and what is our vision for Vis Viridis' development.

My name is Robin Friedmann, co-founder of Vis Viridis Consult. I was born and grown up in Germany where I have been working in corporate banking until 2011. I then moved to Romania to join the agriculture business in our family owned company - Agrifarm. In and around Intorsura, Dolj county we work around 4.000 ha of land. In my opinion it is crucial to be committed to build up and develop structures, keep up with latest technologies and invest in optimizing the business processes.

As a rookie in agriculture, coming from the economy, one of my first needs was to understand agriculture processes on paper. Where are the real sources and uses of funds? So in 2011 I started searching for suitable software solutions that would help with the management and control of our agricultural business. To my deep frustration there were no useful and practicable solutions on the market that could optimize and simplify paying lease (Arenda) and which would fit with the specific situation in Romanian laws and land organization.

I cannot imagine managing a medium or big sized enterprise - but especially an agricultural business - without the help of specially tailored software solutions. So I decided to enlist the help of my partner who is a computer programmer and together we tailored and custom-built a solution for Agrifarm.

These software solutions have been built and tested around real life scenarios specific with the characteristics of the agriculture business in Romania. As already mentioned the first inputs and feedbacks are drawn directly from our company - Agrifarm.

The Vis Viridis Suite was born from these solutions we developed with Josef. It has been a real success in helping me manage and control our family business. So in 2012 me and Josef decided to share our solutions with you, to give you the tools to manage and to keep full control over your "farm".

These are the reasons why we created Vis Viridis Consult. We are committed to excellence in our work and are absolutely certain that our products and our services will bring value to your daily business.

By the way, we choose this name because Vis Viridis means in Latin "power of the green (nature)" and also we like the wordplay on Vis, which means in Romanian "dream".

Eleanor Roosevelt once said: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Robin Friedmann